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2003 BMW e46 320d Alternator Replacement

Assessing the charging issue with the BMW

Today we received a visit from a gentleman informing us that his battery had gone flat. After a replacement battery was fitted, he again had the same issue.

The original alternator undergoing testing in Borehamwood

After some tests, it was established that the alternator was the cause of the problems. Upon removal of the alternator it was placed on the bench tester at our shop in Borehamwood. This provided conclusive results that this unit needed to be replaced.

Genuine Valeo unit ready to be installed into the BMW

The troublesome alternator was replaced with a genuine Valeo unit that was fully reconditioned by our team at the workshop.

Reconditioned alternator fitted and working correctly

After installation, checks were conducted to ensure that the vehicle is operating correctly. Sure enough the multi-meter showed output to be in excess of 14v which is exactly as desired. Another job completed successfully by the Unit Exchange team!

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